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Explora Electrico Nivel, Patin Electrico, ¡y mucho más!

Hoverboard ( Patin electrico) NIVEL DIOS

How Energy Works: this infographic and blog break down particle accelerators

Radiation exposure: a quick guide to what each level means

Radiation exposure lol

#Science has reached a new level of creepy with an autonomous "#eel #robot". A #Norwegian company called Eelume created the robot to perform undersea maintenance. The company is describing them as "undersea janitors". The #robots are designed with clamp like mouths used to tighten valves and chokes. They can perform planned and on-demand inspection. The #snake like design allows them to reach tight spaces quickly and effectively. Eelume believes the robots will reduce costs for undersea…


Fold Your Own Electronic Flapping Crane [How-To

Electronic Origami Flapping Crane w/ tutorial. This is a simplified version of the SMA flapping crane. When you pinch the tail, the wings c...

Compunetix, Inc. is one of the fastest growing high-tech companies in the region. Employees join our Company for a variety of reasons including the cutting-edge technology and personal growth potential. We enjoy a team-based environment where creativity is encouraged and are continually looking for enthusiastic and talented people in the areas of software development and hardware design. Recruiting: Computer Engineering,Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications

Electrochemical Cells

General Dynamics is the world�s foremost designer and builder of nuclear submarines, arguably the most complex machines made by man.With a team of highly skilled and dedicated employees, we have successfully taken submarine technology to a new level. Recruiting: Computer Science, Engineering-Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Engineering-Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Droneball Collision Tolerant Drone