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Here's a great landscape option for a heavily shaded yard.                                                                                                                                                      More
Hostas at Oak Lawn, we need ideas for the north of house!! the area is need of color and design...... it is bare and boring!
#PinMyDreamBackyard I want that one area that is like a secret garden.  I want meandering paths carved out of luscious garden space.
Curta seu estilo Empório das Gravatas em um lugar aconchegante ~ ... Beautiful beds
hosta and box plants / small shade garden
Plan for the future when you are old and cannot do gardening (or you are lazy right now, but like nice exteriors. This is the easiest scenario: Hydrangeas and Hostas..
A little seating space in the backyard. So relaxing. Keep some bug repellent for sure though. Put a little table with draws to keep a bug repellent candle.
Frondoso y con poza.
jardin secret
Wonderful mix of green textures, Ferns, Coral Bells, Solomon Seal, Surprise Lily and Foam Flower all mix well in shade.