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5 Cautions When Making Decisions

We are always looking for significance and value, but we usually overlook the most important source. This 1-minute devotion will explain ... and perhaps it will lead you to repeat the words of the Apostle Paul.

5 Cautions to take when making decisions

Check out this 1-minute devotion for important details that help you process problems effectively and Biblically.

Being a Rock-Dweller According to Matthew 7:24-27 ~ Matthew 7:13-27 speaks about Rock-dwellers and Sand-dwellers. •Verses 13-14 explain that sand-dwellers are on the broad highway to hell instead of the narrow highway to heaven. •Verses 15-20 warn against sand-dwellers in rock-dweller disguise. [...]

Memory Verses: 10 Bible Verses Every Christian Should Know by Heart


Out of Love ~ King Solomon Chose Love for Women over Love for God ~ God told Solomon, "Ask for whatever you want," and Solomon's unselfish request for wisdom brought Solomon great favor, wealth and wisdom from God. (1 Kings 3:5-15). [...]

Many Christian slaves allowed their faith in Christ to set them free in ways that their oppressors would never understand. And we can have the same attitude when we're mistreated: We can trust Christ despite our circumstances.