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Como usar tu propio coche para mejorar tus timelapses, según Vimeo

Color Theory and Landscape Photography

Color. When it comes to landscape photography, color has the power to both take a good image to great, or take that same image, and absolutely ruin it. Sometimes it is a very thin line to balance on, but absolute ruin can be avoided with a little knowledge of color theory. Color theory is a technique used primarily in the varying fields of the world of art and design, and plays a major role for creating effective color palettes for those particular fields. Color theory is an important…

Great tutorial on how to clean SLR camera lenses!

Stop Romanticizing About The Good Old Film Days – They Weren’t That Good

Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds by Jayne Whitelock. How to use the rule of thirds to get better composition in your photos

Introduction to Night Photography

A guest post by Sam Levy, founder of citifari. When speaking about night photography and what there is to it, the first thought is long exposure, car light trails, etc. While this is correct, there is a lot more to night photography and since we have more time for our exposure, this might mean endless …

10 more killer photography tips the pros aren’t telling you One of the best articles i've ever read.

Shop Makeover Series: Feature-Friendly Photos

Shop Makeover Series: Feature Friendly Photos | The Etsy BlogThe Etsy Blog

Photoshop. Layer your child's art over their photo! Maphre el color es la sonrisa de la tierra

enter your pin At Dixie's BBQ in Bellevue, you are invited to put a pin on the map to show where you're from. They get so full of pins, in fact, that rather than just tear one map down and replace it, they hang those old maps up on the wall, giving you this incredible view of time and visits.