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-Yoshisoba- http://alike.jp/restaurant/target_top/1151325/

Kongnamul Muchim : Korean Soybean Sprouts Side Dish (Banchan) 콩나물 무침 만드는법 - Asian at Home

Goat Hotpot (Lau de)

4 places to get your hot pot fix

Hot pot #ChineseDishes #PinoftheDay

-FUJI SOBA- It's a cheap soba shop. Quality varies depending on the store. Pork cutlet bowl and Cold soba Combo. $7.90 http://alike.jp/target/search_result_all.html?keywords=%E5%AF%8C%E5%A3%AB%E3%81%9D%E3%81%B0

-DAI-KOKU-YA in Fukuyama- Clean air and clean water makes a delicious buckwheat. This cold soba is IZUMO type. Egg bowl are set.$9.45 http://alike.jp/restaurant/target_top/1126967/

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