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Explora Paul Krugman, Trabajo Interno, ¡y mucho más!

I studied Economy during the economic crisis and this documentary helped me to understand more about this period of time. Also Paul Krugman`s blog where he writes articles about current economy. If you`re interested in these issues I recommend it

One of the best science fiction movies ever shot.

I was impatient to go to bed everyday to read some pages and let my mind fly to the Nautilius and Captain Nemo's adventures. I especially remember the chapters about the Atlantida, the monsters under the sea (whales, big octopus...) that you can see across the windows, the war ships that were trying to sink the submarine, the visit to the Antartida and the gadgets that they had in the submarine.

On the backdrop of an Afghanistan war and previous to the Soviet invasion, it tells the story of the friendship between Amir (a child in the neighborhood of Kabul) and Hassam (a Hazara servant of his father). Amir wants to demostrate to his father, that he is a man, winning the championship comet Kabul, even at the costs of his friendship with Hassam.

The novel Cathedral of the Sea is not only about loyalty and vengeance, treason and love, the war and the plague, it is also about a world that is deeply marked by religious intolerance material ambitions and social segregation. The combination of these elements makes this novel like a fantactic recreation of the lights and shadows of the feudal time.

This is the book I described on my blog

Trailer of 1997 version of the film with Pierce Brosnan.

Since I was a child I have usually gone to sleep with a book in my hands. I like reading. It's something that relaxes me an helps me to disconnect. I read Neverending Story when I was ten and I loved it. I borrowed it from my school's library and I remember that one of the first things that atracted my attention was that it was written in two different colours. Later I realized why.