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Poderosas Pará Siempre

Poderosas Pará Siempre

C’est super bon ! - It's really good! | All the French slang terms you need to speak like a native: 1,500 French slang terms across 23 topics. With FREE Audio and bonus book! Get it here: https://store.talkinfrench.com/product/french-slang-ebook/

french essentials #2 bon vs bien

Les sentiments

avoir le blues - to have the blues/ to be sad | Find more Slang (with Audio!) in my book: ''Colloquial French'' - The most complete French Slang Ebook available. Learn more here: https://store.talkinfrench.com/product/french-slang-ebook/ Don't hesitate to share #french #slang #words

Je ne sais pas. - I don't know. Get a copy of the most complete French phrasebook here: https://store.talkinfrench.com/product/french-phrasebook/

Learn Basic French Phrases with Audio: http://www.learnfrenchlab.com/basic-french-phrases.html

J’ai la pêche! - Just peachy. - Speak like a native French speaker with French Slang Essentials e-book. More than 600 slang terms and phrases translated. Get it for only $4.90! https://store.talkinfrench.com/product/french-slang-essential/

10 French Phrases the French Love Saying Revealed!

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