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Audivovisual apertura tienda Shany Cosmetics Plaza del Sol
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Movie production W.I.P. by Tim Constantinov

Movie production W.I.P.



The lovely people from Half & Twice asked me to come up with a clever and fresh-looking motion graphics video to promote the launch of their recently born design studio. After putting together the main ideas they wanted to present to their public and translating these into a script, I could focus on the illustration and animation work of the piece, which is full of little nice touches (like the elements on the desk or the ones hanging on the peg-board), everything under the wise direction…
Unidad 3 - "Animación y Motion Graphics con After Effects" (sebastianbap) | Domestika
Discovery investigation. Id nights. Project graphical toolkit for evenings id. Design: Diego Troiano Más
A Space to create, to inspire, to elevate, to evolve, to educate, to connect,  to communicate, to celebrate, to support, to idealize, to materialize, to dream. It is the Space to be.  Spacelab : www.facebook.com/spacelabSKG  Design, Animation, Concept : DIMENSION³ www.facebook.com/dimensionmotiondesign  Sound Design : Larry SKG www.facebook.com/larryskg