EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Colorado Troops Begin Raider Focus Moving Towards Trinidad - YouTube

All News Pipeline has been informed that these buses are meant to carry prisoners and with potential dissident roundups now (of 'role players') confirmed by the US Army to be happening in Jade Helm 15....

Razor Wire Transported through Colorado during Raider Focus Exercise, a simulated war game. 4,000 plus troops, 650 plus military vehicles, 30 plus strykers. Alex Ansary Published on Jun 5, 2015 From All Pipeline News: Hundreds Of Miles Of Razor Wire On Convoy Trucks - Will It Be Used To Divide Colorado For Reconquista Or FEMA Camps For Those Who Rebel Against What's Coming? ALSO Global war games going on in other countries.

"Let me get this straight....they're going to lay down hundreds of miles of Concertina razor wire 'just practicing' to detain people..Yeah, sure.." read more... June 3 2015 All News Pipeline

Texas Under Siege: Military Trains To Overthrow State Govt

Is the UN preparing for gun confiscation in America?

EXPLOSIVE REPORT Jade Helm 15 is Far Worse Than We Imagined Published on Jun 23, 2015: JADE is Testing Geospatial Engineering, on people to see how well it will learn to predict your movements before you make them and your reactions to crisis events, staged events like an earthquake, tsunami and alien invasion; goal is to predict who will resist the NWO transition and round them up for termination. Christians, Constitutionalists, Gun Owners and Veterans are targeted

Truck Convoy Protest Causing Traffic Problems on Capital Beltway - CBS DC

At least 36 killed as Muslim Brotherhood members try to escape prison truck convoy | Fox News

The 'Big Event' in America: JADE HELM 15 (New World Order Plan For 2016)

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