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Niagara 1953 naturally offers lots of views of the Falls

Niagara 1953....Rose explains to the manager and Cutlers that her veteran husband George is unwell and the reason they haven't checked out as planned deliberately planting the seed he's mentally unstable from the war

Niagara 1953 Just as the Cutlers are going to bring Rose home they hear the bell tower play Rose's song ... a planned a-ok signal from her lover Patrick

All About Eve-1950 One of Marilyn Monroe's first featured roles.

Titanic 1997 - On board the ship explorng the wreck of Titanic in search of her necklace known as 'Heart of the Ocean' older Rose is shown some items recovered from her stateroom by treasure hunter Brock Lovett played by Bill Paxton as Rose's granddaughter Lizzy Calvert played by Suzy Amis aka Mrs.James Cameron, looks on.

A Good Woman 2004 - Tuppy falls in love with the infamous Mrs. Erlynne.

Age of Innocence - The beautiful diamond brooch May received for her archery