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Echeveria ‘Blue Bird’ forms rosettes of pointed intense powdery blue rosettes with rose tips. Somewhat slow growing. Excellent for windowsill or rock garden. In habitat, many Echeverias grow on rocky …
Only the background left to paint. Echeveria plant in flower. by waysam.tumblr.com
Succulents Art Print by Bridget Davidson
"Drawings of Flowering Plants. For the Marquis (sic) of Bute" by Georg Dionys Ehret (1708-1770) includes this watercolor on vellum, which shows the Opuntia, or prickly pear.
Aceite original en la galería envuelta la lona. Caras pintadas de negro 1,5 de profundidad.
"Sunburst" - Acrylic on Paper, Succulent Paintings www.athenamantle.com