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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! small shit!

Colin O'Donoghue and his son... i love Hook sooo much, thanks Once Upon a Time :3

El amor es ... cuando sus acciones hablan más fuerte que sus palabras.

I have this problem with Niall Horan. My love for him is BETTER THAN WORDS. He just makes me STRONG when I am weak. His smile has led me THROUGH THE DARK. I knew we would be HAPPILY together. DOES HE KNOW I love him this much? RIGHT NOW I need him. I am HALF A HEART without him. I swear nothing can come between YOU & I, Niall. I wanna be your princess DIANA. You make me feel so ALIVE. Love you<3

Love is a two way street and if the person you love is not loving you back the same way it’s such a crappy feeling. But by being stronger and not allowing them to walk all over you they will respect you more. So one always does love more most times in most relationships but they have to love you enough to show you that they do.

Zas! Requete-ZAAAS!

Zas! Requete-ZAAAS!

This is accurate. As much as I love farkas and vilkas....they step on too many traps...

Cancer is all about love, love, love.