Mis algodón Creaciones: tutorial- tamaño infantil a 8 años Pantalones Nochebuena pijama
top 6 handmade gifts for girls (you're going to want to save this) I really want to start sewing again!!!!
Flor con cintas
Fabricworm.com....for fabric online! "this website has affordable and SUPER CUTE patterns"
SO DOING THIS!!!!!   Hot/Cold Ice Pack Tutorial, Such a cute and SIMPLE idea.
Sugar Tart Crafts: Pile of PJ Pants
Sleeping Bags for Soft Toys. As soon as I saw the original pin, I knew Clare would love a few of these for her tribe of lambs and cats. I downloaded the pattern from this link and found it very easy to follow. Also a really good sampler for those, like myself, who are just starting out on machine quilting. Clare loves them and wants more...
I made 5 pairs of pajama pants in one afternoon last week!  Can you believe that? What you need: 2-3 yards of flannel fabric 1/2 inch elastic (measured to your waist size) pattern (found below) or…  use your own by simply folding your favorite pj pants as shown and using them as a pattern. Here’s … … Continue reading →