vintage everyday Fin de la Ley Seca
Important Event: Prohibition. In the 1920s alcohol was banned because it was thought to help better people and their families.
Bonnie Parker. My mom got to see their car after they had been killed.
El día que se acabó la ley seca
Crammed into a coal mine elevator, coming up after a day of work.  They aren't even standing up.
Foto de Dorothea Lange (3/12)
Agentes inspeccionando un camión ingeniosamente camuflado de traficantes de licor. Los Angeles, 1926. Bettmann, Corbis
A loves the all brown and white palette here. This gal needs a little bit of color though!

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La Ley Seca (1930) - Taringa!

La Ley Seca (1930)