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Desde la Plataforma Anti-Patriarcado en facebook e ilustración de Mana Neyestami. Qué opinan al respecto?

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The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

German troops wearing gas masks and throwing hand grenades, 23 Apr 1916. || The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

"Koryu" Midget Submarines in drydock at Kure, Japan. Before and after Allied bombing. [740x1174] - Imgur

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of my enemies. Sip, sip...a little bitter

This type of art sanctimoniously derides middle class workers who supposedly work too much and focus on money and material gain. What it fails to account for, however, is the inequity of class and material wealth. Namely the fact that many workers are in a precarious economic situation, either in insecure, casual jobs, or they are underemployed and unemployed. Money does matter to those that don't have it. Redistribution of wealth is the issue, not money/work per se.