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This week I will be beginning a poetry notebook in my kindergarten classroom. We will use each of our poems as a shared...
When I..,,..
You are my everything! I wish I would have been selfish, I wish I could have done something......I only regret that! I love you more and more each day honey.......how is it possible? Why has God cursed me to want what I can never have! I feel like I am being punished on some level! I am sorry I am whining! I love you so very much.....and that will never change!!
This is the way I feel.
~♡~ I have had to go on without you Mom. Each day that passes is harder than the last. I'm simply existing, one day to the next not really carrying either way. I miss you Mom, it was you who gave me strength.  ♡xox♡ 29th September One year nine months ~♡~
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