Explora Cómo Cumplir, Cómo Evitarlos, ¡y mucho más!

Cómo cumplir 35 años y vivirlo como una adolescente

“Así se compra un exprimidor de naranjas”.#Tecnologia

My go-to outfit this winter!

Free stock photo of bow tie, businessman, fashion, man

Attitudes of Entitlement: What are they and why should I care

Love creates unity, not divisiveness, and never pits one person against the other. These are the words that do + do not characterize love.

How to Prevent the Stomach Flu Naturally... 6 ways to help avoid getting it!! These are a must if you hate the stomach bug!!

Be careful what you put out into the world about yourself. Respect yourself, because if you don't, others won't.

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