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Re: plantas y flores curiosas holaaaaaaaaaa a tod@s momiji,carnarias ya esta comodo,bien y nos pondra mas ,como...

Tillandsias, part of the Bromeliad family, are fascinating plants! The ones I’m showing you are epiphytic Tillandsias which in nature grow attached to other plants and are commonly referred to as Air Plants. Their wacky and interesting growth forms make them prime decorating material. They are oh so easy to maintain and well suited to... Read more

Orthophytum gallactic warrior. One of my personal favorites in my collection of bromeliads.

Colorful bromeliads at Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Earth Star (Cryptanthus bivittatus)

Orthophytum heleniceae

花宇 きせろ チランジア エアプランツ キセログラフィカ

Dyckia julianae... or something in between Dyckia hebdingii and Dyckia choristaminea