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Chinese proverb. Glory is not in never failing, it's that fact that you get back up every time.

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Chinese Cabbage Salad

Blogger es una herramienta de publicación de blogs gratuita de Google para compartir con facilidad tus pensamientos con el mundo. Con Blogger, publicar textos, fotos y vídeos en tu blog personal o de equipo es fácil.

Cooling – Warming Foods Chart (TCM) : ” Found this informative, handy chart on Pinterest featuring cooling and warming qualities of select foods according to TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cooling – Warming Foods Chart (TCM) Notes : ” Within the Eastern philosophy way of eating, all foods have Yin (cold) or Yang (warm) qualities. For […]

8 Most Popular Feng Shui Crystals

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人民日报 2015/2/16 07:50 #过大年啦#【干货!与春节相关的英语[收藏]】还有2天就过年啦!春节美食和习俗众多,你知道怎么用英语介绍吗?财源广进、万事如意、风调雨顺,你会用英语说吗?恭喜发财、心想事成,你想用英语送几句吉祥话吗?100个与春节相关的英文用语↓过节祝福,洋气又喜庆!转发学习,这个春节,用起来!

Vinyl Sign Chinese Symbol Harmony by WickedGoodDecor on Etsy, $8.99