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I can confirm this, I do this all the time to the point that I refuse to look in the mirror to prevent my thoughts of looking nice that day from degenerating into I look completely horrible and I hate myself.

I started reading Homestuck and it is AWESOME, confusing at first but once you get to around act 2 or 3 it gets really interesting. :3

oh god what did I do…… I don’t think it can be considered as a helpful tutorial, or even tutorial, or o my god, this is such a mess:C I am horrible at explaining things, especially when it comes to explain things that I don’t even know how I do… but I hope it’s at least a tiny bit ‘okay’… I didn’t say how to draw eyes and hair here, because I have already done those *they are here just scroll a bit* oh.. I don’t know what to ...

Fai D. Flowright

"Yui and Fai from CLAMP's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Their story is horribly sad, even by CLAMP standards, and that's saying something."

Her Majesty the Queen, by Elizabeth Block

Hilarious and clever greetings cards by British Pop artist David Shrigley. Shrigley's work is immediate, sometimes rude, and very funny, "like a psychotic version of Matt Groening's 'Life in Hell' cartoons" (The Guardian). His darkly brilliant, addictively hilarious scrawls from the subconscious have already made him a star in the UK, with a growing legion of fans around the globe.

How Are You Feeling? David Shrigley's Weirdest Show Yet

Illustrator David Shrigley Opens New Psychiatry-Based Show

But... his life was so terrible... a little boy like him couldnt bear that much burden ;-; Ciel is so lucky to have a demon lile Sebs by his side, but Alois, that Claude did horrible thing to him meanwhile he didnt even realise Luca's soul in his maid body... and I will stop here ;-;

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