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Como las personas consideradas insanas debían ser curadas, desde algún método, la ciudad también. Urbanismo desde diagnosis kantiana, personas locas sometidas a electro shock, aislamientos , prisiones, cárceles, escuelas claustros, manicomios, etc. ejemplos de métodos, y espacios de socioespacialidades fasistas. Facial expressions triggered by electric stimulation. From ''Mécanisme de la Physionomie Humaine'' by Guillaume Duchenne, 1862.

The Most Badass Picture You'll See This Year; 1910

People who don't read history books are unaware that a huge number of "cowboys" driving herds to the railheads in Kansas were Indians. And many don't know that some of "Indians" who raided the drives for beef in the the "nations" were runaway slaves and ex-slaves adopted into the tribes in the Oklahoma territory. Western movies don't tell you that.

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Harrowing pictures of the mentally ill housed in Victorian asylum

Portraits of patients at Victorian lunatic asylum treated for 'mania and melancholia' | Daily Mail Online

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World's First Plastic Surgeries

Willie Vicarage, who was suffering from facial wounds that he sustained in the Battle of Jutland in 1916, was one of the first men to receive facial reconstruction using plastic surgery. Read more at

Frederic Truby King, the medical superintendent at Seacliff Lunatic Asylum near Dunedin, New Zealand, often photographed his patients for their files. Some patients were obviously well aware of how they were regarded by those outside the hospital. This 44-year-old married woman told King, 'I suppose you want a photograph of a madwoman. I'd better stick some straw in my hair and make faces.' (early 1900s)

1862, [Portrait of a neurologist using “Electro-stimulation”], Adrien Tournachon.

1964c – Walking Wheel Stair Climbers – Meredith Thring #Retro #Invention ~ spiffy!