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Volvo V60 Electric Hybrid rolls off assembly line in Sweden.

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World's 1st electric highway powers trucks on the go

Sweden is testing technology that could allow trucks to drive on highways without generating fossil fuel emissions, or having to stop to charge their batteries.


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11 bizarre sources for alternative energy

jellyfish glow in dark is produced by green fluorescent protein, referred to as GFP. team at Chalmers Univ of Tech in Gothenburg, Sweden placed drop of GFP onto aluminum electrodes & exposed to ultraviolet light. protein released electrons, which travel circuit to produce electricity. biological fuel cell: mixture of chemicals ie magnesium & luciferase enzymes, found in fireflies, used to produce electricity from the device.

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Hyundai Unveils the World's First Production Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle!

Hyundai Unveils the World's First Production Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle! Hyundai just became the world’s first automaker to begin assembly-line production of a zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Sweden’s Quest To Be The First Oil-Free Nation via

Sweden Runs out of Garbage Imagine a world where pollution is a non-issue, cities are pristine, healthy environments to live in, and little to no entanglements from discarded trash injures wildlife or clogs the oceans. In Sweden, this is almost a reality, yet it’s causing a paradoxical predicament for the recycle-happy country that relies on waste to heat and provide electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes. Read more