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Igor Siwanowicz – Macros (IV

▲ Mountain World Veiled Chameleon

Poliquetos abisales. Diseñados para dar miedo Estos animales viven a profundidades superiores a los mil metros, donde no llega la luz del sol. Crecen en los alrededores de las chimeneas hidrotermales que hay en el fondo del océano, en los bordes de las placas tectónicas.

Mantis Flor Espinosa, Igor Siwqanowicz

Hormigas, de Andrey Pavlov | InicioStudio

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Red preying mantis - seems to me like 'the pantomime devil'

The spiritual aspect of the environment is what has been lost in the great debate about the way we live, the environmental movement has not understood the power of concepts such as love and reverence, which are not to be confused with religion, and it is often driven by doom, gloom and disaster. ---Satish Kumar via She Sings to the Stars (Image: Aerial photography of saltworks in Niger by George Steinmetz)

zoanthid - an interesting design to adapt to Natalie Chanin patterns rather than using an enlarged stencil