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NGC 7027 Es una nebulosa planetaria en la constelación de Cygnus a unos 3000 años luz de distancia de la Tierra. CM Albritton - Google+

Andromeda's first spinning neutron star found

Follow the Salt: Search for Mars Life May Focus on Driest Regions

A volcanic outburst on Io on 8.23.13. Io is constantly being resurfaced by eruptions & lava flows due to internal heat & pressures caused by tidal stresses as a result of its elliptical orbit around Jupiter. These recent outbursts were exceptionally powerful, sending huge amounts of incredibly hot molten material out into space and likely coating a large area on its surface as well. “We typically expect one huge outburst every 1-2 yrs Credit: Katherine de Kleer/UC Berkeley/Gemini…

'Watching for Venus to Cross the Sun Image Credit: NASA/SDO & the AIA, EVE, and HMI teams'

Brightest Quasar, Aragoscope, Ceres, Nebulae 02/27/2015 /NUD - YouTube

de Mail Online

You are here: Incredible map reveals our place in the universe

Laniakea, outlined in orange, is a cosmic structure at least 500 million light-years wide. The Milky Way can be seen as a small spot on its fringes towards the right. Green areas in this image are rich with galaxies, and white lines show galactic motion toward the Great Attractor