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Ancient Kourion (Cyprus). 'Founded in Neolithic times and gloriously perched on a hillside overlooking the sea, Ancient Kourion flourished under the Mycenaeans, Ptolemies, Romans and, later, the Christians. This is the most spectacular of the South’s archaeological sites, including some well-preserved and fascinating mosaics.' text

Howard Carter opening the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun in 1924

Oil lamp in the form of a gladiator, 1st - 2nd century CE, from Epetium (Stobreč), Split Archaeological Museum

The defeated gladiator The popularity for Romans of gladiatorial games is indicated by the large number of wall paintings and mosaics depicting gladiators. Many household items were decorated with gladiatorial motifs, such as this lamp.

Reliefs of a provocateur and of gladiatorial combat, 3rd century CE, from Ephesus (Turkey), Neues Museum, Berlin.

Grave stele of a gladiator, probably from Sparta, the gladiator wears a special helmet used in the games (galea) and holds a gladius, 3rd cent BC

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Ivory figurine of a gladiator, Romisch-Germanisches Museum, Cologne