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Cosas que no debes decir a un estudiante de doctorado...

Haha!!! So true! Luckily I have a FT job so the money questions don't hit me lol

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management

Yo sé manejar el tiempo. Yo organizar mi dia muy bien.

Remember that you're doing this for yourself. It was helpful for me to think of my dissertation in these terms: I'm never going to climb Everest, or run a marathon. But the dissertation is an adventure and a feat of endurance that provides a sense of accomplishment proportional to the struggle that it requires. In that sense, Sir Edmund Hillary's comment, It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves, is an apt description of writing a dissertation. For me, it was a...

Seriously...don't say these things to a PhD student! :)

Hahahaha I could see getting this response.

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