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A German contact mine laid in Australian waters during World War II-Floating mines typically have a mass of around 200 kg, including 80 kg of explosives e.g. TNT, minol or amatol.A steel cable connecting the mine to an anchor on the seabed prevents it from drifting away. The explosive and detonating mechanism is contained in a buoyant metal or plastic shell. The depth below the surface at which the mine floats can be set so that only deep draft vessels such as aircraft carriers, battleships

Filling system for chain oil

The BFG: 17 surprising and tragic facts about the author, Roald Dahl: Gloster Gladiator

Gloster Gladiator

T-37 tank The T-37 Soviet light amphibious tank. It had a standard crew of 2, maximum speed of 35 km/h / 6 km/h (water), and was issued to reconnaissance units. Approximately 1,200 were built.

V-2 rocket engine on a test stand, Peenemunde, Usedom Island, Germany.

i imagine the moon as an aging beauty queen. or perhaps the girl looking for her G-Spot admires old beauty queens

Jerry can set - DAZ Studio - ShareCG

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