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Takalik Abaj. Monumento 68 (rana)

Tak'alik Ab'aj [Standing stone] ~ Ancient name possibly Kooja, 'Moon Halo'. Situated 2,000' above sea level in subtropical moist forest. Representative of the first blossoming of Maya culture around 400 bce. One of several sites with both Olmec & Maya features, built near a good crossing of Rio Ixchaya's deep ravine. Flourished nearly 2000 years (until 10th cce) as important commercial center controlling access to coastal trade. One of the largest Pacific sites with sculptured monuments.

Ancient Pharaoh Mummy Mystery Solved

Mayan Tomb Discovered Archaeologists uncovered the tomb of a very early Mayan ruler, complete with rich jade jewelry and decoration at the Tak'alik Ab'aj temple site in Guatemala.

2-Day Takalik Abaj: Mayan and Olmec Archaeological Site from Panajachel Takalik Abaj has both Olmec and Maya features, and flourished from the 9th century BC to the 10th century AD. It is one of the largest sites with sculptured monuments on the Pacific coastal plain, and one of the greatest concentrations of Olmec-style sculpture. The site includes a Maya royal tomb and examples of Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions that are among the earliest from the Maya region. The site featu...

Takalik Abaj. Monumento 2 del preclásico

A bit of old news from a couple of years ago. Archaeology magazine posted today on IG one of the pictures, so there may be new news soon. “ Deep in a burial mound, an early Maya ruler lay adorned with...

Takalik Abaj. Monumento del preclásico

Takalik Abaj. Monumento del preclásico temprano

Takalik Abaj. Altar 26 y monumento 70

Takalik Abaj. Monumento 9 del preclásico medio