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Guatemalan Enchiladas

Enchiladas con lechuga, vegetales, queso y rodajas de huevo duro


Dobladas(Guatemala) This makes a nice, light supper or lunch. Or cut into wedges and serve as appetizers. I'd even eat it for breakfast! Dobladas means folded and that's just what you do with the tortillas. If you can't find Farmer cheese(or queso fresco or queso de capas), use cottage cheese and strain in a cheesecloth for several hours in a cool place.

Enchilada Construction. Guatemalan Enchiladas are a far different thing that what is known in the US as an enchilada. Far healthier, with veggies, meat, egg and just a sprinkling of cheese.

Beet and Cabbage Tostadas

Receta (video) – Salpicón

Mixtas, known as Guatemalan street food, is more than just a hot dog on a tortilla. Made with fresh and inexpensive ingredients, the mixtas is a hot dog rolled up with a refreshing lime-dressed cole slaw, delicate guacamole, green chiles and spicy hot sauce. A perfect mid day snack or late night bite on the cheap, a mixtas makes you wonder why you’ve never had a hot dog soft taco before.

Guatemalan Chimichurri. A great marinade for beef or pork. Whether grilling skirt steak for fajitas or braising a beef brisket, this is a fine recipe.

Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos

These chili lime shrimp tacos are super flavorful and take less than 30 minutes to make.

Guatemalan Cuisine: Ejotes Envueltos Recipe--One of my favorites! Love my mom's version--served with tomato sauce, SO good!

Chirmol-Guatemalan salsa made from char grilled tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime juice and salt. Perfect on grilled skirt steak.