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Tremendas figuras hechas en las playas de Grecia.

Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Honestly, this excites me so much, I can hardly stand it. Chilean artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates small and large scale installations made of colorful, hand sewn fabric. They are out of this world! I can imagine how the incredible tactile quality of her work makes it impossible to

Las más espectaculares esculturas de arena

Figuras hechas con arena de playa

Amazing drawings are actually made of insanely complex cut paper

Maude White shows impossible skills and infinite patience in her beautiful series of illustrations made entirely up of paper, with no pencil or ink. She turns the paper into the lines of the drawing by subtracting tiny pieces out of it with an X-acto knife—an extremely delicate process.

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wood picture frame | Beautiful Figures Made Out of Wood | Mighty Optical Illusions

Relativity, by M. C. Escher. Lithograph, 1953. No computer needed, just the brilliant brain of the best graphic artist ever. I made an underwater homage of this picture in 2001.

Yokohama Sand Art Exhibition

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Fairytale Sand Sculpture Photograph - Fairytale Sand Sculpture Fine Art Print

Las más espectaculares esculturas de arena

Espectaculares esculturas de arena