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Acupressure Point Chart

love this stretch for inner thighs,low back pain and relieving hip muscle pain

YaoTongXue is an extra point used to relieve acute low back. Apply firm, deep, circular pressure to these points to relieve acute onset of low back back. >> Big Tree School of Natural Healing

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Acupressure Points for Relieving Insomnia.

Piriformis Muscle, common cause of sciatic pain running down the leg. Tight pisiformis muscle can be due to driving for long periods of time. Massage can help release this muscle and eliminate sciatica symptoms.

If a headache or migraine arises from too much Liver fire, massage acupuncture point GB34. This is a liver gall bladder fire point.... This point helps counter flow qi when the liver is attacking the spleen, due to too much liver heat.

Lose lower belly fat appearance by stretching!

5 Stretches to undo the effects of sitting all day. Turns out, the prolonged sitting also affects your belly! Who knew?!