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Ritual de Brujeria Africana

Boteiro del entroido de Viana do Bolo, Ourense by carlos gonzález ximénez, via Flickr

Boteiro del entroido de Viana do Bolo, Ourense by carlos gonzález ximénez

Egun - Costume de féticheur Babalawo Ifa - Yoruba - Benin / Nigeria

Pièce spectaculaire et rare, acquise à Porto Novo. !!!!! Proche des Egun, ce costume particulier d'un Babalawo (ou Babaaláwo, prononcé Baba-a-láwo) qui est un prêtre d'Ifa. L'Ifa est un système de divination qui représente les enseignements de l'orisha Orunmila, orisha de la Sagesse. Les Babalawo affirment s'assurer du futur au travers de leur communication avec Orunmila. Cette communication est effectuée au travers des formes prises par la chaîne de ...

cencerron de abejera via carlos gonzález ximénez on flickr; this traditional masked character appears with his large wooden tongs during new year's celebrations in the streets of the small town of abejera, spain

Dia de los Muertos - I have always admired the home altars of Mexican families to remember and honor their deceased loved ones - to start or add to your collection, visit us at #Mexico #Mexican #altar #ofrenda #muertos #diadelosmuertos

This ofrenda was constructed in remembrance of women killed along the Texas/Mexico border. I believe there is one sugar skull for every women who has been found dead. The symbolism is strong, powerful and controversial. Each skull has the name of one woman killed in the Juarez, Mexico area. Unfortunately little has been done to stop the carnage. The installation was presented at Dia de los Muertos in 2006 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque.

Haida | Sea Bear Mask | British Columbia | 19th Century.

Traditional dogon masque, pays dogon, tireli, mali by anthony pappone photographer, via Flickr