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There is a social norm that is men go out and work and bring home the bacon and the women stay at home and tend to the house and the children, but what happens when a man goes against that norm and makes the decision to be a stay at home dad? Society rejects this idea and criticizes the man for doing a "womans job" and not providing for his family, but why? developmentally a child needs their dad, as well as a dad should want to spend time with their child. so why is this role reversal bad?

Jessica Jones and Kilgrave art

Jessica Jones by John Aslarona - More Fanart at #jessicajones #jewel #jessica #jones #alias #netflix #fanart #fan #art

Jessica Jones illustration - art

¡ Las mejores 124 imágenes de Deadpool !


Avengers: Age of Ultron Fanart by chanlien

salamaliki: Zootopia fanart. This movie screams obsession any way you look at it. And I haven’t even seen it yet :P