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Even though he was standing in a downpour, his hair still had the audacity to look flawlessly groomed. His white shirt beneath his open great coat was soaked and clinging to his chest rebelliously. Molly’s mouth went suddenly dry. #loveandmonsters #oliviastocum author @ www.oliviastocum.com #regencyromance #LiamMolly

Shepard couldn't explain the feeling, but he knew something was wrong, and that something had to do with Mae. Without explaining his actions to the others, he raced up the stairs to her bedroom, his heart pounding against his ribs. Once Shep reached the threshold, he scanned every inch of the room, and dropped to his knees. The room was a mess. And Maeryn was gone.

| A bit more story inspiration

Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane (2007), dir. by Julian Jarrold

She held her small body gently, as fragile as glass and how precious she was to her. #idea #story #inspiration

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