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Jessica Simpson no quiere más hijos

Chicken rice (Arroz con pollo)

Arroz con pollo

2016 in Flint, Michigan. There's now a whole generation of children who have lead poisoning, which may lead to the next generation of children having issues. It's wonderful that government made money on their people's suffering. Government greed at it's worst :(

Spring 2014 One Room Challenge Week Two

Otomi, México Más

This is great to remember. Dehumanization is what led to slavery, the holocaust, and so many other things, including abortion. #prolife

Some dyslexics find it hard to organize on paper the ideas and information in their head. The linear nature of paper or a word document might not be the right thought process representation for some. Mindjet Maps is an app that allows for a visual approach to organizing information.

Cassie Stephens: What the Art Teacher Wore #116 and an Art Project Update

Men's smart-wear Set Black Cashmere Tie and hematite bracelet, "Metallic Matrix" wearable-tech for Charity

The classic black knit tie in a beautiful cashmere texture is a style staple for the modern man. Wear your versatile couture tie in business, to a formal event, to a club, around town, with a T-Shirt and jeans, even with a tank top and vest. This tie is so versatile bridging the gap between casual and formal in such a unique way. Smart-wears Wearables Handmade Set includes: Jior (your) Custom Smart-Tie for a noble cause. This design is one solid color in bamboo, silk, and cashmere…

Ana Bárbara cuenta dónde deja a sus hijos cuando trabaja (VIDEO)

Yanomami of Demini prepare timbó poison from a vine, used to stun fish, Demini, Brazil.