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Piratas del Caribe: En el Fin del Mundo

Metallica e bandas foto para capa revista

Oslo, Norway, is the capital of and most populous. Founded around 1000 AD, a trading post was setup in 1048 by King Harald III. It was elevated to capital city under Haakon V around 1300. I visited it during my world trip in 1995. The ferry from Copenhagen cruised into the harbor just at twilight. The view from the deck of the boat equaled (if not surpassed) the one in this poster. I stayed at summer university housing, found a nearby lake where nude bathing was allowed, and had great fun.

Africa, Masai woman | Faces of the World | © Emilio Scotto

rahotep nofret | ... PÉREZ y El Príncipe Ranotep y su Esposa Nofret por María Espada

Vivir mejor no es sólo tener más, sino también ser más feliz. Para vivir hay que tener libertad. Y para tener libertad, hay que tener tiempo. Soy libre cuando hago con mi tiempo lo que a mí me gusta y me motiva. Lo que hay en el mundo es mucha tontería.

Julian Wicik: illustrator, concept artist | Characters

An Exciting Future (Part III) Imagine that you could have any material item in the world, whether it exists yet or not! What are the THINGS that you want to have over your lifetime. Perhaps there are houses or properties that you envisage in your future. Maybe you have a dream car you have always wanted to own. Is there amazing furniture, a feature piece for the house, or perhaps a swimming pool or sauna that you desire in your life? Maybe you a specific brand and they have an item that…