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Jezael - One of the few remaining Salubri, the former mossad agent was cut off from golconda when Jonathan took her blood to begin creating valeren. Jezael sacrificed her chance at golconda to lead them.

Aspen Mathews Close Up by ~kamillyonsiya;; Also very Danielle, in looks and body, though Danielle's eyes are green.

A Sky Full Of Stars by on @deviantART

Commission: Saff by on @deviantART

my favourite artist on deviantart..! Aminael by on @deviantART

de From up North

Illustration inspiration

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration

Submission 4 Design Element: Value Source:

Mahiri Commission by on @DeviantArt. Looks like Princess Syradonna (daughter of Hendry & Fayne).