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If you’ve got oily skin you’re going to want to use the thicker touch points on the reverse side, especially over your T-Zone as they cleanse the skin even deeper. The thinner touch points are a lot gentler, and best for sensitive or dry skin. For precision cleansing, use the thicker touch points grouped at the top.
You should choose your LUNA™ depending on your skin type, the brush surfaces are all designed differently for this reason. Pink: normal/sensitive, blue: combination and white: ultra-sensitive
FOREO LUNA™ 2 for sensitive skin
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The cleansing surface of the LUNA™ for MEN contains broader silicone touch points which are specifically designed to deeply cleanse a man’s thicker oilier skin, leaving it looking smoother, cleaner and more radiant.
FOREO LUNA™ 2 for sensitive skin vs original LUNA™ for sensitive/normal skin
Our LUNA™ for normal/sensitive skin is #twinning in color with @Pantone's #ColoroftheYear 2016 #RoseQuartz!
The side of the LUNA™ with the silicone touch points is to be used to cleanse the face. The reverse side which has concentric waves, is the Anti-Aging surface - hold this over wrinkle prone areas after you've applied creams and serums to help smooth away fine lines.
your face.   This of course is just a suggestion! You can cleanse each part of your face for as long or little as you like, but keep in mind the recommended time is 1 minute and your device will turn itself off at 3 minutes. #facialbrush #cleansingbrush