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Pitiriasis alba -- forma menor de atopia

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Esclerodermia - La capilaroscopia es una técnica que consiste en la observación directa de los capilares dérmicos a nivel del lecho ungueal. Se puede observar la afectación vascular importante y precoz.

Soooo very true. How can you explain hell? FIGHT ON! Don't ever give up. There will be good days and days you wish you weren't even living BUT fight on and good things will come. If you need to vent, this is the safe place to do it

Fibromyalgia and Your Teeth

individuals with any form of arthritis, arthritis-related inflammatory disorders (Fibromyalgia for instance), or autoimmune disorders are at HIGH risk of developing many diseases of the oral cavity including, but not limited to: Developing periodontal disease – more than twice as likely as others Developing severe jawbone loss – moderate to severe Extractions – averaged 12 missing teeth in studies

I can SO relate with this.

Very true. Chronic illness sucks

They say my health my wealth, so you have to be on the first line when it comes to keeping your health in the top gear. Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that manifests itself through widespread pains all over the body, particularly the muscles, various body joints and different tissues that should keep you in a mobile condition.