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dhb (nailon y neopreno) overshoes: 24,14 € (

39,95 € ( Cubrezapatillas Castelli Narcisista

36,21 € ( dhb Extreme Weather Yes, they look like a pair of gardening boots once they’re on, but these were the most windproof on test. The underside has generous enough openings that hot air can escape from your shoes’ vented soles, too. The taped zip and velcro closure is similar to the Shimano set, and works as well.

18,49 € ( Cubrezapatillas BBB HeavyDuty

14,24 € Gorro Endura Thermolite_1

29,93€ ( The Sportful Roubaix Thermal Booties are exceptional overshoes that will keep your feet warm and dry, keeping you comfortable on the road this winter.

60 €. Overshoes Thermal CASTELLI Narcisista 2 (

45 €, Castelli Diluvio Shoecover 16

31,19€ ( Endura Equipe Superstretch The Endura Superstretch Overshoe is the best we’ve tested this winter. Its neoprene upper kept us warm even in the coldest conditions and dry in all but the wettest, and the absence of a fastener removed at a stroke the area of an overshoe most likely to fail.

39,48 € ( Black, L (5/5) Quite simply the most effective overshoe here for both warmth and fit. Imagine trying to get a shoe-shaped wetsuit over your feet and you’ve an idea of how tightly they fit. Such is the super-snug fitment of these tough neoprene covers that there’s no need for any fasteners – they stayed secure on our bib tights for a two-hour ride.