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We're sleeping on the wrong side of the bed no matter what, so...

de The Couponing Couple

Mothers Day 2013 Restaurant Deals ~ Take Time for Mom

Some days....

There are times when not one of your known words fit what's happening. I know. It happened to me and I sounded awfully silly trying to make up new words! Carol

Coffee ísn’t just warm and energízíng, ít may also be extremely good for you. In recent years and decades, scíentísts have studíed the effects of coffee on varíous aspects of health and theír resul...

This made me laugh really hard. I could relate...when I still drank caffeine. Lol!

God made all creatures beautiful. He just spent a little more time on Southern girls.

Tiffy Pop! Here is the one you talking about, Ha ha, I freaking love it, snort snort!