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The god Osiris as the Djed column (his spine.) Note the three orbs above his…

Photo of Anubis and wedjat eye, Faience pectoral, 1250BC

Pyramid_of_Djoser_2.jpg (1600×1200)

Estatua de Imhotep sujetando un papiro. Fuente: LACMA. Shared by Edith Cruz

The concept of the column is ultimately traceable to the Djed pillar, a truly ancient phallic fertility symbol depicting the base of the spine of Osiris (and also that of a bull, or Taurus). The ceremony of the raising of the Djed (above) was a festival of fertility and renewal (Djedu was the Egyptian name for Busiris, a center of cult worship for the Pharaoh, and many pharaohs, Djozer among them, bore the title of Djed among their honorifics).

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