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Oh my gosh guys I cried like a baby he's so beautiful and I'm so proud of him ❤️ This Town (Live, 1 Mic 1 Take) - Niall Horan - Vevo

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Am I the only Directioner who has not been to a one direction concert comment if you haven't

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heres a more clear image of the boys. They're wearing kimonos that say one direction in Japanese and it has the logo on the sleeves!


UpToDate1D on

One Direction at the VMAs <3

I love their pictures the most when they are performing. Cause then you just get to see how passionate they are. And this is what they love. Thus is what they live for!!!!


1DupdatesCAN on

Good lord they're all so attractive


The1DNotice on

niall living his dream at heathrow :) michael bublé is so flipping amazing.