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Custom Portrait by Papel de Arroz
papel y color
Ive always been a bit intimidated by collage - great collages are really great, but not-so-great ones are more like visual clutter. Wan...
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Instead of carrying everything in the bag, I love just simply carrying the most necessity items with me. This is why I adore this pen case. With my favorite pens in the case, I can attach it to my planner so I don't have to shuffle through my bag to find my pencil case every time. The cute button ensures my pens will be securely placed in the case. This case is loved by both college student like myself or my sister who works in the company. This is an item I'd totally recommend to anybody!

Attachable Leather Pen Case

Simple pencil pouches don’t cut it anymore! My pencil pouch needs to do more, like helping me organize my supplies & protecting them from wearing out! This adorable pouch has a zippered pocket on one side & 2 open pockets on the other so my stuff won’t fall out when I open it. I can keep my erasers & index sticky notes in the zippered pocket while my pens, pencils, & scissors go into the open pockets. All 5 styles are lovely & I can also use this pouch for my makeup, knitting

Willow Pencil Pouch

The Lark: New Cath Kidston Prints
Transforma con papel de periódico

Transforma con papel de periódico

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