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. Ovino. SNC. Trayectos por larvas de Coenurus cerebralis.

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MRI of brain shows a cystic lesion in the cerebellum with an enhancing nodule (post-Gadolinium)

The grey matter heterotopias are a group of conditions characterised by interruption of normal neuronal migration from near the ventricle to the cortex. Grey matter heterotopias are believed to be due interruption of the normal migration of neurons from the periventricular telencephalic germinal matrix to the cortex and may be due to either genetic abnormalities or infection / trauma.

A classic Dandy-Walker malformation was the traditionally described form of the Dandy-Walker continuum and comprises of the triad of: hypoplasia of the vermis and cephalad rotation of the vermian remnant cystic dilatation of the fourth ventricle extending posteriorly enlarged posterior fossa with torcular-lambdoid inversion (torcular lying above the level of the lambdoid due to abnormally high tentorium

Ovino. SNC. Quiste de Coenurus cerebralis.

The infundibulum sign is helpful in distinguishing an empty pituitary sella from a cystic lesion of the pituitary region. In the former, although the sella is enlarged, there is no mass as such and the pituitary infundibulum traverses the enlarged sella to its floor where residual pituitary tissue is present.

Hydranencephaly - perhaps also rather unkindly termed as a 'water-bag brain' is a condition of the newborn, in which the cerebral hemispheres are essential absent, due to compromise of the anterior circulation of the brain in utero. The supratentorial brain is replaces with fluid - hence the 'water-bag brain', although the falx cerebri remains, either completely or partially. Some occipital lobe tissue may be present.