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14 Lindos proyectos que te mantendrán entretenida estas vacaciones

Así es como puedes decorar tu pared con un simple Cartón y Lana , lo mejor de todo es que nadie se Va a dar cuenta que Lo hiciste vos . Pilar Antonella

Mississippi Mud Cake

A classic recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake! From The Food Charlatan. It's a moist chocolate sheet cake with marshmallow creme and chocolate frosting on top. This is one of my favorite cakes of all time!

“Deja que el tiempo pase y ya veremos lo que trae” El amor en tiempos de cólera de Gabriel García Márquez

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Ejemplo Life is good because... 3 tiempos: niñez, adolescencia y adultez Subiendo proximamente

Takers will use you for whatever you will give and when a better opportunity or piece of advice comes along, they will bail on you without any gratitude and go in their new direction to take from someone else. The thing to keep in mind is that takers don't think about anyone but themselves so they are not evaluating if you are good enough, they only evaluate what they want next and who can give it to them. For takers, relationships and people are disposable because they...

The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any - Fred Astaire

"friends" can act very similar, unfortunately I've found that out the hard way. Sometimes giving true unconditional love to a friend gets you nothing but taken advantage of, walked all over, treated with disrespect....I mean the list goes on, the good thing is when you finally realize u deserve better the pain of ending that friendship hurts less than the actual relationship itself.