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What Constellation Are You? | Quiz SocialYou got: Orion Under all of your ephemeral beauty, you are first and foremost a deep thinker. No other art form is so varied and complex that it takes many hours just to get a first look. You make your depth available to those willing to put in the time, but they certainly have to earn it.

Deer Art, Baby Deer, Deer Painting, Fawn, Deer Watercolor, Nursery Art, Animal Art, Wildlife Print, Animal Portrait, Woodland - 11x14

Watercolour Deer print

What Type Of Intelligence Do You HaveYou got: Verbal & Linguistic You typically display a strong understanding of words and language. This also means you are likely to be good at remembering words and dates. In everyday use, you are likely to be a good talker and very able to understand narratives more quickly than other people. Reading and books likely play an important role in your life.

Deer watercolor print

Deer, painting , watercolor , art print, A4

Which type of storm are you? #Rain You are mostly peaceful, and though some consider you "too different" and "immature", you are beautiful and inspiring. Your weather symbol: ♦

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