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What Constellation Are You? | Quiz SocialYou got: Orion Under all of your ephemeral beauty, you are first and foremost a deep thinker. No other art form is so varied and complex that it takes many hours just to get a first look. You make your depth available to those willing to put in the time, but they certainly have to earn it.

What Tarot Card Are You? | Quiz Social You got: The Lovers You love to be in relationships, and you tend to put a great amount of thought into making decisions that will affect others' happiness. In general, you're talented at making difficult choices because despite your powerful emotions, you have a level head.

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What Nationality Does Your Temperament Belong To?

What nationality is your anger? #Italian It can happen over an insignificant and poorly-timed comment and other times it will stay dormant in even the most trying circumstances. This tendency clearly comes from your passion and desire for the world to be ideal. You want the world to function properly, you want your friends to be perfect, and your love to always be passionate, and when these fail you, it frustrates you to no end.

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Which Type of Storm Are You?

Which type of storm are you? #Rain You are mostly peaceful, and though some consider you "too different" and "immature", you are beautiful and inspiring. Your weather symbol: ♦

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Which Kwanzaa Principle Are You?

Which Kwanzaa Principle Are You? You got: Ujamaa You are the principle of cooperative economics! Your purpose is “to build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together.” Ashé!

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Which Movie Is Actually Based On Your Life?

Which Movie Is Actually Based On Your Life? #Clueless The movie "Clueless" was written about your life! You are young, funny and totally gorgeous! You know all the right people, you wear all the right clothes, but when it comes to love, you are totally clueless! It's probably for the better that the love of your life is right around the corner. What do you say, wanna take a look?

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What Mythical Creature Describes Your Personality?

What Mythical Creature Describes Your Personality? #Unicorn You are a gentle spirit to those who treat you well, but you will hurt people who hurt you. You are a bit wary of people because they have hurt you so much. But when good people are around you, they always seem to feel a bit better. You are very compassionate and kind, even if you are a bit wild.

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Which Disney Ginger Are You?

Which Disney Ginger Are You? You got: Simba You are the Chosen One and are destined for greatness. There have been times in your life where you have shied away from responsibility, but now when duty calls, you are always sure to answer. The time for you to shine is now.