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Correa reduce pobreza en Ecuador

TELESURRELACIONADO:Assange con el presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa | Viva la revolución!

New Book Announcement; Total Liberation: Revolution for the 21st Century By Dr. Steven Best; Crisis and the Crossroads of History

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Ciudadanos de #Colombia desaprueban gestión de ...

Ciudadanos de #Colombia desaprueban gestión de Santos

We are at the beginning of a revolution that will impact every business and life on this planet. While we live in the information age, it is vital to have a way to process all the information into something tangible and usable. Thankfully, this is where big data comes into play. What is big data? Big data […]

Los #bolivarianos se manifiestan en apoyo a la #gestión de #Evo Morales

Why coding is not the new literacy - The revolution we've all been waiting for hasn't yet arrived. To put it simply, the next great advance in human ability comes from being able to externalize the mental models we spend our entire lives creating. That is the new literacy. And it’s the revolution we’ve all been waiting for.

78% de los venezolanos valora positivamente #gestión de #Chávez

de los venezolanos valora positivamente de | Viva la revolución!