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#Venezuea: #PSUV advierte sobre #conspiración de banqueros y empresarios

advierte sobre de banqueros y empresarios | Viva la revolución!

The global elite have FUNDED BOTH SIDES of nearly every WAR of the last 300 years. Conflicts are deliberately created, and false-flag attacks used a pretext, by the elite. Wars generate VAST PROFITS for weapons manufacturers and other parts of the military-industrial complex, and serve as a pretext for increased and sustained military and security budgets and POLICE STATE measures. Nothing centralizes power like WAR; having an "enemy image" is vital to those who wish to CONTROL SOCIETY.

conspiración contra Hugo Chávez

Rather “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture, while misunderstood by the masses, lay the foundation for the next civilization”

Viva la revolucion. Wake up.

Wake up, yes I have heard of him, and all the others, too.

Magnicidio en #Venezuela: conspiración paramilitar en #Telesur

I do believe her (though I know she lies,)