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Setting up a Permaculture farm | Ridgedale Permaculture

The BEST site I have seen on the subject! Permaculture Design: Vegetable & Herb Guilds | Permaculture Magazine

de The 104 Homestead

The Top 8 Herbs for Permaculture Gardening

Before launching into 8 super-cool permaculture herbs, let's talk about permaculture. Permaculture is an ecological design science that is modeled after nature and used to create sustainable human settlements.

Attached greenhouse, 'safe' harvesting in the winter...

Here's a "grow-your-own fence" - the pollarded willows not only supply the withes, they're also the fence posts. Permaculture is big on plants having multiple uses. It doesn't get much more "multiple" than this.

Smokehouse - love the smell of meats smoking, especially pork products & especially with hickory

Cob greenhouse - can use concept for living dioramas for species not compatible in immediate climate